Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence-based Security Applications and Services for Smart Cities

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Prof. Jong Hyuk Park
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 232 Gongneung-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, 01811, Korea
Email: jamespark.seoul@gmail.com ; jhpark1@seoultech.ac.kr

Manuscript Topics

Smart Cities play a vital role in the economic growth of cities, requiring better control and management for sustainable development. An enormous amount of data is collected through sensors, making it challenging to securely collect, manage, and store data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approaches have emerged as robust computational models with significant success in processing massive amounts of data in unsupervised settings. Deep Learning-based models provide an efficient strategy of learning representation, enabling the system to learn features automatically from data. However, continually growing cyberattacks result in unauthorized access and data leakage, raising data privacy and integrity concerns. Various network vulnerabilities and risks significantly increase, requiring further research addressing the security issues to safeguard the operational processes and ensure a secure, resilient, and dependable Smart City.

The main goal of this Special Issue is to gather high-quality research papers and reviews focused on AI-based solutions and including other enabling technologies such as Blockchain and Edge Intelligence addressing data security, privacy, and network authentication challenges in IoT-based Smart Cities.


• AI - driven Smart City Communications and Security;
• AI - based Privacy-preserving techniques for the Smart City;
• Federated Learning-based Privacy-preserving techniques in Smart City;
• Blockchain for AI - based Smart City Applications;
• Digital twin and Metaverse security for Smart City;
• AI-assisted Secure IoT architecture for the Smart City;
• Enhanced encryption and Cybersecurity for Smart City;
• Threat hunting for for IoT - enabled Smart City;
• Digital Forensics for Smart City;

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