Approximation by multivariate Baskakov–Kantorovich operators in Orlicz spaces

  • Received: 01 January 2020 Revised: 01 March 2020
  • Primary: 41A17; Secondary: 41A36

  • Utilizing some properties of multivariate Baskakov–Kantorovich operators and using $ K $-functional and a decomposition technique, the authors find two equivalent theorems between the $ K $-functional and modulus of smoothness, and obtain a direct theorem in the Orlicz spaces.

    Citation: Ling-Xiong Han, Wen-Hui Li, Feng Qi. Approximation by multivariate Baskakov–Kantorovich operators in Orlicz spaces[J]. Electronic Research Archive, 2020, 28(2): 721-738. doi: 10.3934/era.2020037

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  • Utilizing some properties of multivariate Baskakov–Kantorovich operators and using $ K $-functional and a decomposition technique, the authors find two equivalent theorems between the $ K $-functional and modulus of smoothness, and obtain a direct theorem in the Orlicz spaces.


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