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Lie symmetry analysis of conformable differential equations

1 Équipe Modélisation Mathématique et Calcul Scientifiques, Département de Mathématiques, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, Université Moulay Ismaïl, Meknès, Morocco
2 Centre Régional des Métiers de l’ Éducation et de la Formation, Fès-Meknès, Morocco

Special Issues: Initial and Boundary Value Problems for Differential Equations

In this paper, we construct a proper extension of the classical prolongation formula of point transformations for conformable derivative. This technique is illustrated and employed to construct a symmetry group admitted by a conformable ordinary and partial differential equations. Using Lie symmetry analysis, we obtain an exact solution of the conformable heat equation.
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Keywords conformable derivative; fractional differential equations; Lie symmetry; conformable heat equation

Citation: Youness Chatibi, El Hassan El Kinani, Abdelaziz Ouhadan. Lie symmetry analysis of conformable differential equations. AIMS Mathematics, 2019, 4(4): 1133-1144. doi: 10.3934/math.2019.4.1133


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