International Finance and Insurance Innovation, Risk and Regulation

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Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China

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Currently, as the development of Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing and Big Data, finance and insurance theory and practice have been faced great challenges. How to address the new theoretical and practical problems faced by international finance and insurance becomes very urgent. The innovation, risk and regulation of international finance and insurance have attracted many researchers, institutions and governments’ much attention. The relationship among innovation, risk management and regulation of international finance and insurance is very complicate and is an interesting topic. The aim of innovation is to provide more products and services and reduce risk, but the innovation will bring new risks. Risk management can keep the system of finance and insurance security in some sense, but which may hinder innovation. Regulation is also important to protect the participants in finance and insurance business, and great influents innovation and risk management.

Quantitative Finance and Economics (QFE) aims at providing high-quality research information about advances on big data technology and its applications in finance. Due to the increasing popularity of this topic, world-wide interest in the work performed by researchers in this area is constantly expanding.

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Wenyan Hao, Claude Lefèvre, Muhsin Tamturk, Sergey Utev
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