14th China-Japan International Conference on Ultra-Precision Machining Process (CJUMP2018)

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The China-Japan International Conference on Ultra-Precision Machining Process (CJUMP) has been organized as an annual event for academic and industrial societies to promote network and collaboration among industrialists, scientists and researchers between China and Japan. The CJUMP2018 will take place on September 13–15, 2018, in Harbin, China. The CJUMP2018 is sponsored by the Chinese Production Engineering Institution (CPEI), the Committee for Nano-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing Technology of Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and is organized by Harbin Institute of Technology.

Conference Topics:
• High speed and efficiency manufacturing
• Nano and micro machining
• Ultra-precision grinding
• Single-point diamond cutting
• Ultra-precision mechanical design
• Machine tools and their systems
• Coolant and cooling
• In-situ measurement and monitoring
• Ultra-precision surface assessment
• Grinding and polishing

Date of Conference: September 13–15, 2018
Conference Location: Harbin, P. R. China

Huazhuo Liang, Jiabin Lu, Qiusheng Yan
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