Consumer sensory perception and quality of food: trends in sensory branding

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Marzia Ingrassia
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie Alimentari e Forestali (SAAF), Università degli Studi di Palermo.

Stefanella Stranieri
Dipartimento di Economia, Management e Metodi Quantitativi (DEMM), Università̀ degli Studi di Milano.

Giuseppe Sortino
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie Alimentari e Forestali (SAAF), Università degli Studi di Palermo.


The sensory characteristics of food are the primary drivers of liking for consumers when they make their purchase choices. Appearance, flavor, texture, and even the emotions that a food can evoke stimulate a desire to eat or cause us to dismiss the food as unappetizing, or even inappropriate from a cultural standpoint.

Sensory Marketing studies the importance of the five senses in building consumer preferences.

Sensory marketing offers a complete experience, it has a distinctive feature as a unique interactive way to attract consumers' attention. One of the biggest marketing errors that a brand can make is that of serving only one sense at a time. Today more than ever, emotions play a very important role in the marketing of agro-food products. If a producer wants its clients/consumers to believe its brand, today it must start with an emotional appeal.

In the agro-food sector, sensory marketing can receive valuable inspirations from different fields. The interpretation of emotional perceptions evoked by sensory marketing can significantly influence consumers' food purchasing choices.

For example, sensory marketing can use information from advances in food processing technology; either it may evoke emotions through visual stimuli of an experience in an agricultural environment in which food becomes an eco-systemic agro-environmental service.

All these elements, if properly conveyed, can become the key content of sensory branding

This special issue focuses on observing, through an interdisciplinary perspective, the key elements of the sensory marketing of food products, and discusses the concepts and ideas may help most effectively to identify new and original trends in sensory branding of food products.

Topics covered in this special issue include:

• Sensory marketing
• Food quality perception
• Food processing technology and consumer perception
• Agro-practices and consumer perception
• Effect of regional origin and Terroir of food on consumer perception
• Agro-ecosystem services for sensory branding


Sensory marketing, Sensory evaluation, Postharvest quality, Fruits and vegetables, Livestock products, Healthy food, Agro-ecosystem services and sensory branding.

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