Bioinformatics for Cancer Discovery

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Guest Editor
Dr. Yi-Jang Lee
Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences National Yang-Ming University
Tel: +886-2-28267189

Manuscript Topics
Because of the big data era nowadays, investigation of cancer development by the means of molecular biology is largely dependent on the gene expressive database all over the world. Several free or charged online bioinformatics analytic domains have been used for predicting the candidate molecules on survivals or the prognosis of chemo-radiotherapies on cancer patients using these databases. The “Omics” data can be tracked and understand using these tools, such as Ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA). Practically, exploitation of these tools may allow researchers to preview their ideas when they raise the questions on pathophysiological events prior to starting the bench works in the laboratory. Thus, it is anticipated to save the times and consumptions, and provide a rational for experiments. Although the bioinformatics prediction is not absolutely correct and require further experimental based evidence after all, it is of interest for molecular and cell biologists to better understand these important analytic tools on cancer discovery.

Based on this announcement, we encourage and invite the researchers with related experiences to contribute the original research articles, review article, case reports, short communications or letters.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, cancer discovery, prognosis of therapy, Ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA), microarray, next generation sequencing

Paper submission
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30th Jun 2016.

Instruction for Authors
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Masahiro Yasunaga, Shino Manabe, Masaru Furuta, Koretsugu Ogata, Yoshikatsu Koga, Hiroki Takashima, Toshirou Nishida, Yasuhiro Matsumura
AIMS Medical Science, 2018, 5(2): 162-180. doi: 10.3934/medsci.2018.2.162
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Giuliano Crispatzu, Alexandra Schrader, Michael Nothnage, Marco Herling, Carmen Diana Herling
AIMS Medical Science, 2016, 3(3): 248-271. doi: 10.3934/medsci.2016.3.248
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