WSI, and the observer performance and human factors involved in this application of WSI

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Guest Editor
Dr. Elizabeth A. Krupinski
Department of Medical Imaging, University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ 86001 United States

Manuscript Topics
WSI, and the observer performance and human factors involved in this application of WSI

Whole slide imaging (WSI) or virtual pathology slides are becoming more widespread in their use in clinical pathology, education and a variety of other microscopic application where glass slides can be digitally imaged. Despite a number of studies demonstrating their utility and comparability to glass slides, adoption is still not what one would expect. There are still a number of challenges that users face beyond just the technology.

This special issue will focus on WSI from the users’ perspective. Thus papers on observer performance in terms of diagnostic accuracy, concordance with glass slides, interpretation speed, and other aspects of interpreting WSI are within the scope of this issue. Related topics such as the impact of 3D WSI acquisition and display, color calibration (of acquisition devices and displays), image processing, image analysis, and computer-aided detection and diagnosis schemes on human observer performance are also pertinent to this issue.

Also of interest are papers dealing specifically with human factors and ergonomics associated with WSI. How do users navigate successfully through these very large databases, what do we know about visual search patterns and strategies associated with WSI, are there differences between experts and novices in how they approach and scan WSI, are there other issues such as fatigue that impact users? All these plus related issues are welcome.

Keywords: WSI, virtual slides, whole slide imaging, observer performance, human factors, experience, visual search,digital pathology, expertise, human-computer interface, workflow, ergonomics.

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The deadline for manuscript submission is 21 December 2014.

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Ekaterina Kldiashvili, Archil Burduli, Gocha Ghortlishvili
AIMS Medical Science, 2015, 2(3): 186-199. doi: 10.3934/medsci.2015.3.186
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Tamás Micsik, Göran Elmberger, Anders Mikael Bergquist, László Fónyad
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(220 KB)
Prarthana Shrestha, Rik Kneepkens, Gijs van Elswijk, Jeroen Vrijnsen, Roxana Ion, Dirk Verhagen, Esther Abels, Dirk Vossen, and Bas Hulsken
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