Innovation in agriculture and the agri-food chain

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Simone Blanc
University of Turin - Dep. of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA)

Stefano Massaglia
University of Turin - Dep. of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA)

Valentina Maria Merlino
University of Turin - Dep. of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA)


Innovation in agriculture and in the agri-food supply chain means the use of new concepts: products, production techniques or services, declined in various conditions and throughout the supply chain, from the conceptualization phase to those of consumption and disposal.

Innovation is a key element that affects many actors’ management decisions in the agricultural sector and in the food supply chain. First of all, researchers and companies develop and produce new products, technologies and new production techniques. Subsequently, farmers use and apply innovative elements to improve and guarantee better production performance and reduce costs.

Moreover, increasing attention is paid by consumers and policy makers, who consider in their processing-making decision and during the product choice aspects of innovation related to production environmental and social sustainability. Therefore, consumer perception represents a driver affecting producer management decisions in a sustainable vision.

Innovation also includes new schemes of territorial cooperation and knowledge sharing for balanced territorial development and the introduction of alternative models of healthy food production even in urban environments.

This special issue focuses, through an interdisciplinary perspective, the key elements of the innovation in agriculture and the agri-food chain, and discusses this concept considering what consequences the introduction and application of innovation can have from the point of view of sustainability according to a broad concept, which considers both environmental, economic and social aspects.

The topics of this special issue cover the following fields

• New Agricultural and food technology and engineering
• New materials
• Analysis of environmental, economic and social aspects related to innovation
• Reduction of pollutants
• Consumers and policy-makers perception of innovative elements
• Cooperative distribution networks

Instructions for authors:

Submission due dateApril 30, 2021

Valentina Maria Merlino, Simone Blanc, Stefano Massaglia, Danielle Borra
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Valentina M. Merlino, Danielle Borra, Aurora Bargetto, Simone Blanc, Stefano Massaglia
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Valentina Maria Merlino, Filippo Brun, Alice Versino, Simone Blanc
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Filippo Brun, Raffaele Zanchini, Angela Mosso, Giuseppe Di Vita
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Zarbà Carla, La Via Giovanni, Pappalardo Gioacchino, Hamam Manal Samir Mustafa
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