Advanced Big Data Analysis for Precision Medicine

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Guest Editors:

Tao Huang
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Lei Chen
College of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, China

Liang Lan
Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, China

Jialiang Yang
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, USA

Call for Papers Announcement

The high throughput technologies in biomedicine, such as Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Mass Spectrum (MS) and imaging techniques, can generate huge amount of omics data in a short time. The structure of these data is complex. It is difficult to extract useful information or knowledge out of the big omics data. Furthermore, new technologies are emerging every day. There are great breakthroughs in single cell sequencing and genome editing.
On one way, we are facing great challenges in analyzing the big omics data; on the other way, we are having the opportunities to transform biomedicine and make medical practice with much more precision. The era of precision medicine has come because of recent advances in the big data analysis.
To overcome the great challenges in big data analysis and embrace precision medicine, we need more advanced mathematical and statistical methods. Fortunately, there are huge success stories of new computing algorithms, such as deep learning and new hardware, such as GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). With these powerful tools, we are able to process much more complex data and spend much less time to get the results.
We would like to propose a special issue for "Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering" to introduce the latest developments of big data analysis for precision medicine.

Potential topics include, but not limited to:

Deep Learning in Health Sciences
Disease Gene Identification
Multi-omics Integration
Network Structure Analysis
Mathematical Modelling of Disease Process
Driver Gene Identification
Tumour Heterogeneity Investigation
Single Cell Analysis
Genome Editing
Off-target Analysis of CRISPR/Cas9

Paper Submission

Full text submission due date: May 31, 2019.
Full paper should be submitted online to the journal at
Before submission, authors should carefully read over the instruction for Authors which are located at

Guochun Lou, Jie Dong, Jing Du, Wanyuan Chen, Xianglei He
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Meng Chen, Dacheng Jin, Bing Wang, Yunjiu Gou, Xinchun Dong
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(801 KB)
Yonghua Xue, Yiqin Ge
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(2171 KB)
Yue Hu, Xiaoqin Mei, Dong Tang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(2592 KB)
Ziyu Wu, Sugui Wang, Qiang Li, Qingsong Zhao, Mingming Shao
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1333 KB)
Ming Zhang, Yingying Zhou, Yanli Zhang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1525 KB)
Hao Shen, Xiao-Dong Weng, Du Yang, Lei Wang, Xiu-Heng Liu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1230 KB)
Mi Han, Huajing Yang, Qin Lin
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1560 KB)
Yong Ding, Jian-Hong Liu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(607 KB)
Yanping Xie, Zhaohui Dong, Junhua Du, Xiaoliang Zang, Huihui Guo, Min Liu, Shengwen Shao
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(759 KB)
Jun Xu, Bei Wang, Zhengtao Liu, Mingchun Lai, Mangli Zhang, Shusen Zheng
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(916 KB)
Shequn Gu, Jihui Luo, Wenxiu Yao
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1321 KB)
Yonghui Wang, Jianhui Huang, Zhifeng Tian, Yuefen Zhou, Jie Yang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1473 KB)
Erli Yang, Xiaobei Zhang, Qiangsheng Chen, Chandong Ding
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(715 KB)
Chunxiang Fan, Zouqin Huang, Binbin Chen, Baojin Chen, Qi Wang, Weidong Liu, Donghai Yu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1124 KB)
Yan Li, Yuzhang Zhu, Guiping Dai, Dongjuan Wu, Zhenzhen Gao, Lei Zhang, Yaohua Fan
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(896 KB)
Guobing Lin, Cunming Zhang, Xuanyu Chen, Junwei Wang, Song Chen, Siyuan Tang, Tianqiang Yu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1381 KB)
Gaozhong Sun, Tongwei Zhao
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(787 KB)
Ming-Chun Lai, Jiang-Shan Lian, Wen-Jin Zhang, Jun Xu, Lin Zhou, Shu-Sen Zheng
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(204 KB)
Yunxiang Zhang, Lvcheng Jin, Bo Wang, Dehong Hu, Leqiang Wang, Pan Li, Junling Zhang, Kai Han, Geng Tian, Dawei Yuan, Jialiang Yang, Wei Tan, Xiaoming Xing, Jidong Lang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1014 KB)
Xu Guo, Yuanming Jing, Haizhou Lou, Qiaonv Lou
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(741 KB)
Dijian Shen, Youhua Jiang, Kaiyi Tao
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(463 KB)
Fazong Wu, Jingjing Song, Zhongwei Zhao, Xufang Huang, Jianting Mao, Jianfei Tu, Minjiang Chen, Weiqian Chen, Shiji Fang, Liyun Zheng, Xiaoxi Fan
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(584 KB)
Huihui Hu, Fengjie Wu, Jisong Zhang, Enguo Chen
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(266 KB)
Guohai Wang, Zhiyuan Hu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(674 KB)
Kewei Ni, Gaozhong Sun
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1087 KB)
Guo-Can Yu, Jun Yang, Bo Ye, Li-Liang Xu, Xiao-Yuan Li, Guan-Rong Zheng
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1082 KB)
Wei Wu, Weijue Xu, Jiangbin Liu, Jun Sun, Yimin Huang, Zhibao Lv
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1197 KB)
Li-Bing Wang, Liang Feng, Jing He, Bo Liu, Jian-Guang Sun
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(628 KB)
Ting Guo, Zhipeng Qiu
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1030 KB)
Guoxiang Fu, Chuchu Xu, Nianfang Yao, Jianzhong Gu, Hanliang Jiang, Xufeng Han
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(562 KB)
Jun Gao, Qian Jiang, Bo Zhou, Daozheng Chen
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(501 KB)
Lishui Shen, Xiaofeng Hu, Ting Chen, Guilin Shen, Dong Cheng
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(2097 KB)
Jing Liu, Wancheng Qiu, Xiaoying Shen, Guangchun Sun
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(2479 KB)
Li Li, Xueqing Wang, Xiaoting Liu, Rui Guo, Ruidong Zhang
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1879 KB)
Guoxin Hou, Binbin Song
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(258 KB)
Yongxing Li, Jianye Yang, Yufen Xu, Ming Zhang, Xiaoping Zhang, Wenyu Chen, Xiaodong Lv
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(869 KB)
Jin-Li Sun, Su-Yan Xing
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(720 KB)
Wei Huo, Xiao-Min Zhu, Xin-Yan Pan, Min Du, Zhuo Sun, Zhi-Min Li
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(766 KB)
Zhongwei Zhao, Xiaoxi Fan, Lili Yang, Jingjing Song, Shiji Fang, Jianfei Tu, Minjiang Chen, Liyun Zheng, Fazong Wu, Dengke Zhang, Xihui Ying, Jiansong Ji
+ Abstract     + HTML     + PDF(1311 KB)
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