Coastal Geomorphology: Examples, Coastal Management and some Curiosities and Oddities

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Guest Editor
Research scientist: Pau Balaguer
Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats, Spain

Manuscript Topics
Coastal zone is a complex area where marine, terrestrial-continental, biological, physical and chemical processes are combined leading to changes in the physiognomy of the coastline. Human processes use to be overlapped to the other processes just commented conferring more complexity to this strategic area in terms of economic, leisure, cultural and quality of life. Coastal geomorphology is the main disciple which studies processes and changes occurred in the coastal fringe and depending of the main weathering/accumulation processes and type of materials (rocky/cohesive or sandy/non cohesive) different methodologies will be used. Definitely, coastal geomorphology describes the physical environment of the coastal areas, this fact is crucial for a suitable management of these areas according to Integrated Coastal and Marine Management (ICMM) and anticipating possible future scenarios.

Contributions could be reviews or standard research papers.

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