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MBE is adopting the open access online editorial system. During the transitional period, the old system (EditFlow) is still used only for papers submitted previously.

For the open access online editorial system,
Reviewer Login:

For questions about the open acess system, please contact us at
For questions about the old system (EditFlow), please contact us at

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation!

Questions and Answers:

How do reviewers know their login information?
Reviewers do not need to register for an account by themselves. They need to keep the invitational email and click the link in the email to go to the reviewer page, or login by using the account given in the invitational email.

How do reviewers upload their reports?
After the editor sends a reviewer the invitational email, the reviewer can click the link in the email to accept or decline the request and submit a report on the reviewer page.

Open Access Journals
Open Access Journals