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A new numerical technique for solving Caputo time-fractional biological population equation

Laboratory of Fundamental and Numerical Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, Ferhat Abbas University of Setif 1, Sétif 19000, Algeria

Special Issues: Recent Advances in Fractional Calculus with Real World Applications

In this paper,we propose a new numerical technique called modified generalized Taylor fractional series method (MGTFSM) for solving Caputo time-fractional biological population equation.We present our obtained results in the form of a new theorem.This method based on constructing series solutions in a form of rapidly convergent series with easily computable components and without need of linearization,discretization,perturbation or unrealistic assumptions.The accuracy and efficiency of the method is tested by means of three numerical examples.The results prove that the proposed method is very effective and simple for solving fractional partial differential equations.
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Keywords biological population equation; Caputo fractional derivative; modified generalized Taylor fractional series method

Citation: Ali Khalouta, Abdelouahab Kadem. A new numerical technique for solving Caputo time-fractional biological population equation. AIMS Mathematics, 2019, 4(5): 1307-1319. doi: 10.3934/math.2019.5.1307


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