Special Issue: Nature inspired optimization in smart healthcare and society

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Dr. Danilo Pelusi
Communication Sciences, University of Teramo, Coste Sant'agostino Campus, Teramo, Italy
Email: dpelusi@unite.it

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Last two decades has witnessed many major developments of different nature inspired optimization algorithms in solving complex engineering problems including medicine, healthcare, agriculture, and other data mining problems. Among these entire domains, healthcare is considered as one of the most important applications for the better development of the society in a smart environment. Now-a-days, analysis and processing of medical data is being one of the leading focuses among healthcare community and information society. Due to the extensible analysis and knowledge discovery process on different disease, medical practitioners and experts need automated tools for accurate identification and recovery from such dreadful diseases. The increase in the development of automated smart computing-based environments have enlightened towards the usage of intelligent algorithms for better automation of useful information. In such analysis, the role of nature inspired optimization algorithms has been an important facet for effective analysis and use in the development of healthy society, integrated with various intelligent methods such as neural network, connectionist-based systems etc. Moreover, nature inspired optimization has gained wide popularity in the medical and smart healthcare services because of their significant potential to handle computationally intractable optimization dilemma in medical analysis, drug discovery and other complex medical decision-making processes. Also, the integration of deep learning and nature inspired optimization has immensely gained popularity in providing effective solutions for many healthcare-based solutions. This special issue serves as a forum for facilitating and enhancing information sharing among researchers, ranging from development of advanced nature inspired optimization techniques and their integration with other intelligent methods for solving medical and healthcare-based problems.

Researchers are invited to submit their original and unpublished research work in the following (but not limited to) areas:
• Nature Inspired Optimization
• Evolutionary Optimization
• Swarm Optimization
• Physical and Chemical Inspired Optimization
• Hybrid Techniques
• New Algorithms inspired by nature
• Memetic Optimization
• Bio-inspired Optimization
• ANN integrated frameworks
• Deep Learning Models

 The above algorithms may be applied to solve the following important real-life problems:
• Medical image analysis
• Disease prediction, diagnosis, and treatments
• Drug discovery
• Infectious disease analysis
• Telemedicine
• Surgery
• Critical smart healthcare infrastructure
• Cancer treatments and analysis
• Personalized Medicine
• Clinical Trial and Research
• Medical bigdata analysis
• Covid-19 Analysis with diagnostic solutions

healthcare and medical; deep learning; machine learning; optimization; big data

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All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication. The deadline for manuscript submission is 10 July 2024

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