Special Issue: Mathematical ecology of populations and ecosystems

Guest Editors

Prof. Glenn Ledder
Department of Mathematics, University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA
Email: gledder@unl.edu

Prof. Christina Cobbold
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, University Place, Glasgow, G12 8QW, UK
Email: Christina.Cobbold@glasgow.ac.uk

Manuscript Topics

Ecological theory is a rich area for mathematical modeling. There are many interesting theoretical aspects of ecology that are not fully explored and a wide variety of systems to which known ecological theory can be applied. These include questions at both the population level and the ecosystem level and range from the very theoretical to specific applications. A variety of mathematical structures from dynamical systems to game theory to agent-based models have been used, with results obtained through general analysis or simulation.

We invite submission of papers that fall within the broad category of mathematical ecology of populations and ecosystems. Papers should use theoretical approaches to address questions of ecological interest and should have appeal for a broad audience of mathematical ecologists. A variety of mathematical approaches and frameworks are welcome, provided that ecological understanding is the primary goal of the work, rather than mathematical development per se. Papers should clearly identify the ecological setting and the ecological consequences of mathematical results.

Instructions for authors
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All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication. The deadline for manuscript submission is 31 December 2021

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