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On the obstacle problem for the 1D wave equation

Department of Mathematics, ETH Zürich, Rämistrasse 101, 8092, Zürich, Switzerland

This contribution is part of the Special Issue: Contemporary PDEs between theory and modeling—Dedicated to Sandro Salsa, on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Guest Editor: Gianmaria Verzini
Link: https://www.aimspress.com/newsinfo/1429.html

Special Issues: Contemporary PDEs between theory and modeling—Dedicated to Sandro Salsa, on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Our goal is to review the known theory on the one-dimensional obstacle problem for the wave equation, and to discuss some extensions. We introduce the setting established by Schatzman within which existence and uniqueness of solutions can be proved, and we prove that (in some suitable systems of coordinates) the Lipschitz norm is preserved after collision. As a consequence, we deduce that solutions to the obstacle problem (both simple and double) for the wave equation have bounded Lipschitz norm at all times. Finally, we discuss the validity of an explicit formula for the solution that was found by Bamberger and Schatzman.
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Keywords obstacle problem; wave equation; one-dimensional

Citation: Xavier Fernández-Real, Alessio Figalli. On the obstacle problem for the 1D wave equation. Mathematics in Engineering, 2020, 2(4): 584-597. doi: 10.3934/mine.2020026


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