Special Issue: Conflicts and landscapes: towards a new Anthropocene?

Guest Editors

Prof. Giovanni Messina
University of Messina, Italy
Email: giovanni.messina@unime.it

Prof. Giuseppe Terranova
University of Tuscia, The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Integration of Migrants in Europe (IntoME), Italy
Email: giuseppe.terranova@unitus.it

Manuscript Topics

The redetermination of the global geopolitical chessboard coincides with a period in which crises, which we will refer to here as conflicts, cut across territories and communities in a multi-scalar sense. The world is undergoing an epochal transition whose boundaries are being defined.
Remaining in the background, awaiting an expected new wave of contagion, is the pandemic issue, strongly linked to the rhetoric of war and addressed through strong top-down and crisis policies. However, the conflict scenarios of greatest global concern are interconnected: the climate issue, the energy issue, the food issue, which will cause growing humanitarian and refugee emergencies.
Decisive challenges of the ongoing spatial transition, these scenarios constitute, politically, economically and culturally, the main contemporary conflicts in terms of the number of communities and territories involved and their complexity.
This Special Issue of AIMS Geosciences entitled “Conflicts and landscapes: towards a new Anthropocene?”, which is promoted by geographers, intends to investigate, from a transcalar perspective, how conflicts impact the landscape. From our perspective, landscape, rooted in morphological and environmental aspects, is the changing condition that connects communities and territories. In this sense it takes on cultural, economic, productive and geo-political values. The aim of this special issue is therefore to stimulate a theoretical reflection on the connections between conflict and landscape, but also to host analyses of case studies consistent with the identified theme. The ultimate goal is to try to define the evolution human-environment relationship and the boundaries of the new world.

Suggested topics may include, but are not limited, to the following:

• Pandemic landscapes: cities, territories, flows.
• Human-environment relationship
• The transformation of landscapes and the climate crisis
• Landscapes, Connectography and digital power
• Landscapes and food security
• Landscapes and energy supply
• Geopolitics of refugee crisis
• Geographies of cultural contact
• War landscapes

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