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Effect of nano-TiO2 particles on mechanical performance of Al–CNT matrix composite

1 Mechanical Department, College of Engineering, Tikrit University, 34001, Iraq
2 Middle Technical University, Institute of Technology, Baghdad, 10001, Iraq

Topical Section: Advanced composites

In this study, a brief review of the effects of the various types of TiO2 nanoparticles and a fixed addition of CNTs to the aluminum matrix on the mechanical, microstructural, and wear characteristics of the resulting composites. Classical powder metallurgy technique was utilized to fabricate the hybrid nanocomposites in this study, while the hybrid nanocomposites were characterized using SEM and XRD. The mechanical properties of the hybrid nanocomposites were evaluated by testing their microhardness, wear tests, and diametral compressive strength. From the SEM and XRD analysis, there was a proper and homogenous distribution of the reinforced particles. Although there was some agglomeration, no intermetallic compounds were found. The study also revealed that the microhardness, diametral compressive strength, and wear resistance significantly improved when the TiO2 nanoparticle content was increased. Also, it was explained that the wear resistance negatively correlated with the applied loads.
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