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Oxygen permeation through perovskitic membranes: The influence of steam in the sweep on the permeation performance

Florian Thaler Michael Müller Robert Spatschek

*Corresponding author: Florian Thaler f.thaler@fz-juelich.de


Experimental approaches are employed for the understanding of oxygen permeation through membranes. For the experiments, different oxygen partial pressures are applied to both sides of a BSCF5582 membrane, using synthetic air as feed and vacuum or steam/argon as sweep gas. Beside the partial pressure gradient, the permeation rate depends on the temperature and the membrane thickness. Sufficient permeation rates can be achieved by sweeping the membrane with water vapor (steam) instead of a noble gas, which is optimized by ascending water content in the sweep gas. The influence of the steam content on the permeation performance as well as microstructural changes are demonstrated.

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