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Aluminium/iron reinforced polyfurfuryl alcohol resin as advanced biocomposites

Rakesh Kumar

*Corresponding author: Rakesh Kumar krrakesh72@gmail.com


Aluminium and iron are widely used in construction sectors for the preparation of advanced composites with epoxy resins as matrices. In recent times, there are several reports on the polymerization of polyfufuryl alcohol (PFA) a thermoset bioresins from furfuryl alcohol (FA). FA is obtained from waste of sugarcane bagasse. In this work, first the possibility of curing PFA from FA in the presence of aluminium or iron has been explored. Absorbance results from colorimeter/spectrophotometerindicated that the curing of FA to PFA in presence of aluminium started easily while in presence of iron the curing of FA to PFA could not start. Based on the above results, aluminium wire reinforced composites were successfully prepared with three different weight fractions (0.13, 0.09 and 0.07) of aluminium wire. The mechanical properties of these composites were determined theoretically and reported.

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