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Removal of acetaldehyde gas using wet scrubber coupled with photo-Fenton reaction

Masahiro Tokumura Atsushi Mizukoshi Miyuki Noguchi Yuko Wada Yuri Usami Takako Yamaki Yukio Yanagisawa

*Corresponding author: Masahiro Tokumura masahiro.tokumura@veritas-sys.jp


The feasibility of the combined air-cleaning method, which consisted of a wet scrubber and the photo-Fenton reaction, in the removal of gaseous acetaldehyde was evaluated. An acetaldehyde-gas removal efficiency of 99% was achieved in the one-pass test (residence time of 17 s) using an inlet acetaldehyde-gas concentration of 1000 ppb at an initial total-iron-ion concentration of 50 mg L−1 and initial hydrogen peroxide concentration of 630 mg L−1. Even at the low initial total-iron-ion concentration of 4 mg L−1, a removal efficiency of 92% was achieved. The acetaldehyde removal efficiency was relatively independent of the initial hydrogen peroxide concentration. UV irradiation further augmented the rate of the photo-Fenton reaction leading to enhanced acetaldehyde-gas removal.

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