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Scratch behavior of soft metallic materials

Fabian Pöhl Corinna Hardes Werner Theisen

*Corresponding author: Fabian Pöhl poehl@wtech.rub.de


This paper investigates the scratch resistance of metallic materials that include pure iron and the two steels AISI 1045 and AISI 304L. To investigate the deformation behavior under scratch load, tests were performed with a gradually increasing scratch load combined with subsequent analysis by scanning-electron microscopy and by atomic force microscopy. The fab value was determined to quantify the active micro-mechanisms of abrasion. In addition, tensile tests, hardness measurements, and nanoindentation experiments were conducted to correlate the scratch behavior with the mechanical properties. It was shown that there is no general correlation between the individual mechanical properties and the results of the scratch tests. However, the results revealed that work hardening of metallic materials plays a significant role, especially in the development of pile-up, and thus it greatly affects the active micro-mechanisms. The specific work of fracture at least correctly reproduces the order of scratch depth and the tangential force of the investigated materials.

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