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Halophilic microorganism resources and their applications in industrial and environmental biotechnology

Rungaroon Waditee-Sirisattha Hakuto Kageyama Teruhiro Takabe

*Corresponding author: Teruhiro Takabe takabe@meijo-u.ac.jp


Hypersaline environments are extreme habitats on the planet and have a diverse microbial population formed by halophilic microorganisms. They are considered to be actual or potential sources for discovery bioactive compounds, compatible solutes including novel and/or extraordinarily enzymes. To date, a number of bioactive compounds for the use in various fields of biotechnology which show assorted biological activities ranging from antioxidant, sunscreen and antibiotic actions have been reported. In addition, some halophilic microorganisms are capable of producing massive amounts of compatible solutes that are useful as stabilizers for biomolecules or stress-protective agents. The present review will impart knowledge and discuss on (i) potential biotechnological applications of bioactive compounds, compatible solutes and some novel hydrolytic enzymes; (ii) recent efforts on discovery and utilization of halophiles for biotechnological interest; (iii) future perspective of aforementioned points.

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