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Chromatin and epigenetics: current biophysical views

Vladimir B. Teif Andrey G. Cherstvy

*Corresponding author: Vladimir B. Teif vteif@essex.ac.uk


Recent advances in high-throughput sequencing experiments and their theoretical descriptions have determined fast dynamics of the “chromatin and epigenetics” field, with new concepts appearing at high rate. This field includes but is not limited to the study of DNA-protein-RNA interactions, chromatin packing properties at different scales, regulation of gene expression and protein trafficking in the cell nucleus, binding site search in the crowded chromatin environment and modulation of physical interactions by covalent chemical modifications of the binding partners. The current special issue does not pretend for the full coverage of the field, but it rather aims to capture its development and provide a snapshot of the most recent concepts and approaches. Eighteen open-access articles comprising this issue provide a delicate balance between current theoretical and experimental biophysical approaches to uncover chromatin structure and understand epigenetic regulation, allowing free flow of new ideas and preliminary results.

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