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Analyzing the effect of duration on the daily new cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths using bivariate Poisson regression: a marginal conditional approach

Rafiqul Chowdhury Gary Sneddon M. Tariqul Hasan

*Corresponding author: M. Tariqul Hasan thasan@unb.ca


The whole world is devastated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The socioeconomic and other effects of COVID-19 on people are visible in all echelons of society. The main goal of countries is to stop the spreading of this pandemic by reducing the COVID-19 related new cases and deaths. In this paper, we analyzed the correlated count outcomes, daily new cases, and fatalities, and assessed the impact of some covariates by adopting a generalized bivariate Poisson model. There are different effects of duration on new cases and deaths in different countries. Also, the regional variation found to be different, and population density has a significant impact on outcomes.

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