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A daily activity feature extraction approach based on time series of sensor events

Yong Liu Hong Yang Shanshan Gong Yaqing Liu Xingzhong Xiong

*Corresponding author: Hong Yang, Shanshan Gong yanghong@dlmu.edu.cn;gongshanshan66@dlmu.edu.cn


Activity recognition benefits the lives of residents in a smart home on a daily basis. One of the aims of this technology is to achieve good performance in activity recognition. The extraction and selection of the daily activity feature have a significant effect on this performance. However, commonly used extraction of daily activity features have limited the performance of daily activity recognition. Based on the nature of the time series of sensor events caused by daily activities, this paper presents a novel extraction approach for daily activity feature. First, time tuples are extracted from sensor events to form a time series. Subsequently, several common statistic formulas are proposed to form the space of daily activity features. Finally, a feature selection algorithm is employed to generate final daily activity features. To evaluate the proposed approach, two distinct datasets are adopted for activity recognition based on four different classifiers. The results of the experiment reveal that the proposed approach is an improvement over the commonly used approach.

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