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Tree species identification based on the fusion of bark and leaves

Yafeng Zhao Xuan Gao Junfeng Hu Zhe Chen Zhen Chen

*Corresponding author: Xuan Gao gao6754996@163.com


For trees, leaves are often used for identification, but the shape of leaves changes greatly, bark will be another identifying feature. However, it is difficult to recognize by a single organ when there are intra class differences and inter class similarities between leaves or bark. So we fuse features of leaf and bark. Firstly, we collected 17 species of leaves and bark of trees through field shooting and web crawling. Then propose a method of combining convolution neural network (CNN) with cascade fusion, additive fusion algorithm, bilinear fusion and score level fusion. Finally, the features extracted from the leaves and bark are fused in the ReLu layer and Fully connected layer. The method was compared with single organ recognition, Support Vector Machines (SVM), and existing fusion methods, results show that the two organ fusion method proposed are better than the other recognition methods, and recognition accuracy is 87.86%. For similar trees, when it is impossible to accurately determine its species by a single organ, the fusion of two organs can effectively improve this situation.

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