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Speed control of synchronous machine by changing duty cycle of DC/DC buck converter

Rashid Al Badwawi Mohammad Abusara Tapas Mallick

*Corresponding author: Rashid Al Badwawi rsma202@exeter.ac.uk


Renewable energies such as wind or solar energy are naturally intermittent and can create technical challenges to interconnected grid in particular with high integration amounts. In addition, if wind or solar is used to supply power to a stand-alone system, continuous power supply will be met only if sufficient energy storage system is available. The global penetration of renewable energy in power systems is increasing rapidly especially wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Hybrid wind and solar PV generation system becomes very attractive solution in particular for stand-alone applications. It can provide better reliability since the weakness of one system could be complemented by the strength of the other one. When wind energy is integrated into grid, maximum power point tracking control could be used to optimize the output of wind turbine. In variable speed wind turbine, the turbine speed is varied according to the wind speed. This paper presents a comparison between two methods of controlling the speed of a wind turbine in a microgrid namely; Proportional-Integral (PI) control of the tip speed ratio and stored power curve. The PI method provides more controllability, but it requires an anemometer to measure the wind speed. The stored power curve method, however, is easier to implement, but the amount of energy extracted can be less. The system has been modelled using Matlab/Simulink.

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