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Parameter estimation and fractional derivatives of dengue transmission model

Windarto Muhammad Altaf Khan Fatmawati

*Corresponding author: Fatmawati fatmawati@fst.unair.ac.id


In this paper, we propose a parameter estimation of dengue fever transmission model using a particle swarm optimization method. This method is applied to estimate the parameters of the host-vector and SIR type dengue transmission models by using cumulative data of dengue patient in East Java province, Indonesia. Based on the parameter values, the basic reproduction number of both models are greater than one and obtained their value for SIR is $\mathcal{R}_0=1.4159$ and for vector host is $\mathcal{R}_0=1.1474$. We then formulate the models in fractional Atangana-Baleanu derivative that possess the property of nonlocal and nonsingular kernel that has been remained effective to many real-life problems. A numerical procedure for the solution of the model SIR model is shown. Some specific numerical values are considered to obtain the graphical results for both the SIR and Vector Host model. We show that the model vector host provide good results for data fitting than that of the SIR model.

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