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Fluxless ultrasonic soldering of SiC ceramics and Cu by Bi–Ag–Ti based solder

Daniela Šuryová Igor Kostolný Roman Koleňák

*Corresponding author: Daniela Šuryová daniela.suryova@stuba.sk


The aim of this research was to study the microstructure in soldered joint of SiC ceramics with Cu in cases of flux-less soldering with ultrasound assistance. The soldering was performed by ultrasonic activation of newly developed Bi–Ag–Ti based solder alloy. This new solder alloy was developed for flux-less soldering processes and meets the requirements for the versatility of its use for soldering metal and ceramic materials.
Suitability for the application of Bi–Ag–Ti solder was assessed on the basis of analyses of joint boundaries and measuring the shear strength of the joint. Light analysis proved the formation of joints without cracks, pores or other imperfections. The SiC/Bi–Ag–Ti boundary was formed on the basis of the reaction between Si and Ti. The bond in Cu/Bi–Ag–Ti boundary was formed due to formation of mechanical mixture of Bi + Cu. The average shear strength of the SiC/Cu joint reached 40 MPa.

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