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Deployment of AI-based RBF network for photovoltaics fault detection procedure

Muhammad Hussain Mahmoud Dhimish Violeta Holmes Peter Mather

*Corresponding author: Mahmoud Dhimish mahmoud.dhimish@gmail.com


In this paper, a fault detection algorithm for photovoltaic systems based on artificial neural networks (ANN) is proposed. Although, a rich amount of research is available in the field of PV fault detection using ANN, this paper presents a novel methodology based on only two inputs for the training, validating and testing of the Radial Basis Function (RBF) network achieving unprecedented detection accuracy of 98.1%. The proposed methodology goes beyond data normalisation and implements a ‘mapping of inputs’ approach to the data set before exposing it to the network for training. The accuracy of the proposed network is further endorsed through testing of the network in partial shading and overcast conditions.

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