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Solution of fractional telegraph equation with Riesz space-fractional derivative

S. Mohammadian Y. Mahmoudi F. D. Saei

*Corresponding author: Y. Mahmoudi mahmoudi@iaut.ac.ir


In this study, the so-called generalized differential transform method (GDTM) is developed to derive a semi- analytical solution for fractional partial differential equations which involves Riesz space fractional derivative. We focus primarily on implementing the novel algorithm to fractional telegraph equation with Riesz space-fractional derivative. Some theorems are presented to obtain new algorithm, as well as the error bound is found. This method is dealing with separating the main equation into sub-equations and applying transformation for sub-equations to attain compatible recurrence relations. This process will allow to obtain semi-analytical solution using inverse transformation. To illustrate the reliability and capability of the method, some examples are provided. The results reveal that the algorithm is very effective and uncomplicated.

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