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Optimal operation of energy storage units in distributed system using social spider optimization algorithm

Mehdi Tabasi Pouyan Asgharian

*Corresponding author: Pouyan Asgharian pouyan.asgharian@gmail.com


Optimal placement and performance of energy storage units are two important issues for power systems. Energy storage units help in energy supply and elevated reliability in the network. Energy storage system (ESS) cause many of the variables of planning, designing, and exploiting the network to alter, and thus planning and operational methods for the network will change as well. These units also assist in reducing the peak load with the aim of profit maximization. In this paper, a method is presented to optimize the performance of energy storage units in the power market. To solve the problem, a new optimization algorithm called social spider optimization (SSO) algorithm is employed. Cost reduction, losses reduction and voltage profile improvement are three main scenarios which are considered. The proposed method is applied to a 33-bus standard distribution system and results show that this novel method is efficient to use for ESSs optimal operation.

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