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Studying the redistribution of kinetic energy between the morphologically distinct parts of the fragments cloud formed from high-velocity impact fragmentation of an aluminum sphere on a steel mesh

Nikolay Myagkov Timofey Shumikhin

*Corresponding author: Nikolay Myagkov nn_myagkov@mail.ru


Numerical simulations of experiments (Shumikhin et al., 2014) on the fragmentation of aluminum spheres with diameter of 6.35 mm on single steel-mesh bumpers of different specific mass are carried out in the present work. Specific mass of the mesh bumpers in these experiments was varied by changing the diameter of the wire from which was woven the mesh. The spatial distribution of fragments, their mass and kinetic energy (KE) are determined. The results of the numerical simulations are in good agreement with the experimental data showing that the cloud of fragments composes of two morphologically distinct groups of fragments, which differ greatly in mass: the central group, consisting mainly of four large fragments, and four groups of linearly-distributed chains of smaller fragments. The numerical simulations in agreement with the experiments show that KE of the central group of fragments decreases relative to the total KE of the fragments cloud with increasing the specific mass of the mesh, while the relative KE of other smaller fragments increases.

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