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Corrosion behavior of new generation super-ferritic stainless steels

Andrea Di Schino

*Corresponding author: Andrea Di Schino andrea.dischino@unipg.it


Super-ferritic stainless steels are characterized by structure and properties similar to those of more common ferritic alloys, with the advantage of higher chromium (Cr) and molybdenum (Mo) levels aimed to increase high temperature resistance and corrosion behavior in aggressive environments, such as seawater. This paper focuses on the corrosion behavior of recently developed super-ferritic stainless steels. Such steels are characterized by a Cr content ranging from 21% to 24% and very low carbon and nitrogen levels (C + N < 0.015%). Moreover, low nickel (Ni) and Mo contents are adopted in such steels, following to the high costs of such elements.

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