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A location-aware feature extraction algorithm for image recognition in mobile edge computing

Tianjun Lu Xian Zhong Luo Zhong RuiqiLuo

*Corresponding author: Tianjun Lu lvtianjun@whut.edu.cn


With the explosive growth of mobile devices, it is feasible to deploy image recognition applications on mobile devices to provide image recognition services. However, traditional mobile cloud computing architecture cannot meet the demands of real time response and high accuracy since users require to upload raw images to the remote central cloud servers. The emerging architecture, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) deploys small scale servers at the edge of the network, which can provide computing and storage resources for image recognition applications. To this end, in this paper, we aim to use the MEC architecture to provide image recognition service. Moreover, in order to guarantee the real time response and high accuracy, we also provide a feature extraction algorithm to extract discriminative features from the raw image to improve the accuracy of the image recognition applications. In doing so, the response time can be further reduced and the accuracy can be improved. The experimental results show that the combination between MEC architecture and the proposed feature extraction algorithm not only can greatly reduce the response time, but also improve the accuracy of the image recognition applications.

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