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The impact of media converge on complex networks on disease transmission

Maoxing Liu Shushu He Yongzheng Sun

*Corresponding author: Maoxing Liu liumaoxing@126.com


In this paper, we propose an epidemic disease model about the effect of media coverage on complex networks, where the contacts between nodes are treated as a social network. We calculate the basic reproduction number R0 and get that the disease-free equilibrium is locally and globally asymptotically stable if R0< 1, otherwise disease-free equilibrium is unstable and there exists a unique endemic equilibrium, and the disease is permanent. And two immunization strategies are considered: proportional and target immunization. By comparing two immunization strategies, it is found that the target immunization is better than the proportional immunization. Finally, numerical simulations verify our results and some discussions of vaccination strategies are done in the control of infectious dseases.

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