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Water resource policy support system of the Caspian Basin

Amir Hedayati Aghmashhadi Giuseppe T. Cirella Samaneh Zahedi Azadeh Kazemi

*Corresponding author: Giuseppe T. Cirella gt.cirella@ug.edu.pl


Water resource policy support system (WRPSS) is a process that addresses environmental policy and water resource management analyses in conjunction with data interpretation. We examine the use of a WRPSS in Iran’s northern semi-arid region of the Caspian Basin and present how eight human and non-human pressure factors, if automated, would assist in water resource security. The main features of the WRPSS include: (1) water policy modifications suitable to local environmental conditions for water evaluation and (2) development of spatial tools to derive criteria weights. A dynamic, calculative process formulates weight and critical intervals for each pressure parameter provided. The developed knowledge-base ensures the WRPSS record represents a realistic, practicable, and functional system for sound water policy. Such know-how is useful in determining water resource pressure factors in relation to a policy support system (PSS) analysis. WRPSS ensures results are interpreted within the relevant context of maximizing efficiency of water policy goals and PSS interpellation. Results indicate the Caspian Basin’s agricultural water consumption and dam infrastructure are considered most and least important sub-criteria, respectively. Moreover, the sub-basin of Haraz-Ghareh Su is worst off study-wide.

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