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Distributed generation integration optimization using fuzzy logic controller

Santosh Kumar Sharma D. K. Palwalia Vivek Shrivastava

*Corresponding author: Santosh Kumar Sharma santoshelect@yahoo.com


Distributed generators (DGs) are connected near load centers and integrated to grid for optimum power system operations. The challenging task for integration of DGs is the proper size and location, due to random character of generation and energy consumption. The objective of the research is to provide the proper size and location of DGs to optimize the voltage profile and reduction in active and reactive power losses. Optimization of distributed generators is performed through fuzzy logic controllers at Ramchandrapura 33/11 kV, 69 bus radial distribution substation, Kota, India. Fuzzy logic controller provides possible solution on selection of distributed generators on the basis of voltage profile of the bus and the impedance of the branch connected DGs at consumer’s end. Forward or backward sweep methodology is used to optimize the load flow analysis for calculation of real and reactive power losses and voltage profile with and without implementation of distributed generators. Proposed approach provides a possible solution for efficient integration of DGs.

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