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Influence of media intervention on AIDS transmission in MSM groups

Jing’an Cui Congcong Ying Songbai Guo Yan Zhang Limei Sun Meng Zhang Jianfeng He Tie Song

*Corresponding author: Jing’an Cui cuijingan@bucea.edu.cn, cdcslm@126.com


To explore the effects of propaganda and education on the prevention and control of AIDS infection, a model of AIDS transmission in MSM population is proposed and theoretically analyzed by introducing media impact factors. The basic reproduction number of AIDS transmission in MSM group without media intervention $R_0$ = 1.5447 is obtained. Based on the comparison of the implementation of three different detection and treatment measures, it can be concluded that the promotion of condom use is more effective than other strategies, and using condoms with a fixed partner can reduce the value of $R_0$ more quickly.

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