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Application of Digital Imaging for Cytopathology under Conditions of Georgia

Ekaterina Kldiashvili Archil Burduli Gocha Ghortlishvili

*Corresponding author: Ekaterina Kldiashvili ekldiashvili@yahoo.com


Digital imaging in cytopathology can be defined as a series of procedures, those contributing to the quality of the displayed on the computer monitor final image. The procedures include sample preparation and staining, optical image formation by the microscope and afterwards the digital image sampling by the camera sensor; which means digital image post-processing and compression, transmission across the network and display on the monitor. A large amount of data about digital imaging exist. However, there are existing the problems with standardization and understanding of the digital imaging complete process. The field of digital imaging is rapidly evolving. The new models and protocols of the digital imaging are developed around the world, but in Georgia this field is still at evolving stages and revolves around static telecytology. It has been revealed, that the application of easy available and adaptable technology together with the improvement of infrastructure conditions is the essential basis for digital imaging. This tool is very useful for implementation of second opinion consultations on difficult cases. Digital imaging significantly increases knowledge exchange and thereby ensured a better medical service. The article aims description of digital imaging application for cytopathology under conditions of Georgia.

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