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Estimation of preconsolidation stress of clays from piezocone by means of high-quality calibration data

Marco DIgnazio Tom Lunne Knut. H. Andersen Shaoli Yang Bruno Di Buò Tim Länsivaara

*Corresponding author: Marco D'Ignazio marco.dignazio@ngi.no


An extensive database of high-quality piezocone (CPTU) and laboratory oedometer test data on onshore and offshore clays worldwide has been established. The database covers a wide range of index parameters and overconsolidation ratios (OCR) in the range 1 to 5. The purpose is to derive general correlations to model preconsolidation stress in clays from CPTU data based on high-quality laboratory data. Several studies have already discussed such correlations for different clay types, where the preconsolidation stress is defined as a function of the cone resistance and/or the pore pressure measured in CPTU tests. Often, these correlations are characterized by high uncertainty, mainly because of the sample quality of the laboratory data. New correlations are proposed based on the new database. These correlations are meant to be used for preliminary assessment of preconsolidation stress in the absence of laboratory data or as a comparison tool when limited test data is available.

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