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Effect of magnon-exciton coupling on magnetic phase transition of diluted magnetic semiconductors

Dereje Fufa Chernet Amente

*Corresponding author: Chernet Amente chernet.amente@aau.edu.et


This article reports effects of magnon-exciton interaction on magnetic ordering in diluted magnetic semiconductors (DMS). Quantum field theory is employed using the double time temperature dependent Green function technique to obtain dispersion. It is understood that interaction of the two quasi particles take place in the exciton cloud and consequently the spontaneously ordered localized electrons might be partly trapped and subjected to different angular precision resulting in increase ofthe number of magnons. According to our analysis the exciton-magnon coupling phenomena may be the reason for the attenuation of spontaneous magnetization and ferromagnetic transition temperature Tc. Further observations indicate that there is a significant departure of magnetic impurity concentration, xm, vs. Tc relation from the linearity as suggested by electronic calculations and experimental estimations near absolute zero temperature.

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