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Biological view of vaccination described by mathematical modellings: from rubella to dengue vaccines

Hyun Mo Yang André Ricardo Ribas Freitas

*Corresponding author: Hyun Mo Yang hyunyang@ime.unicamp.br


The only rubella vaccine available in North America is the RA27/3 strain (isolated from the kidney of a rubella-infected fetus and attenuated) licensed in 1979, which substituted HPV77/DE5 strain vaccine due to concerns about waning immunity. The first dengue vaccine (Dengvaxia CYDTDV) was first registered in Mexico in December, 2015, which is a live recombinant tetravalent dengue vaccine. Rubella vaccine was applied since 1969, but tetravalent dengue vaccine is being used in large scale nowadays. In the past, based on unavailable information regarded to rubella vaccine, mathematical models were used to design vaccination schemes in order to avoid congenital rubella syndrome (CRS). Currently, knowing that vaccine does not result in CRS, rubella vaccination is modelled as usual childhood infection. This experience of updated biological knowledge that influenced mathematical modellings of rubella vaccination is taken into account to reflect about the tetravalent dengue vaccine. We also address a discussion about the security of vaccination strategies.

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