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The properties study of transparent conductive oxides (TCO) of tin dioxide (ATO) doped by antimony obtained by spray pyrolysis

Timur Zinchenko Ekaterina Pecherskaya Dmitriy Artamonov

*Corresponding author: Ekaterina Pecherskaya pea1@list.ru


Transparent conductive coatings based on thin films of metal oxides are widely used in various optoelectronic devices and appliances. The article is devoted to the study of the morphological, structural, electrical and optical properties of transparent conductive oxide. Tin dioxide thin films are obtained by spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrates. Analysis of the structural properties showed that SnO2 has a tetragonal crystal structure. Analysis of the morphological properties showed that the grain size of the films increases at a deposition temperature from 450 to 550 ℃. Dependencies of the transmittance coefficient of samples obtained on the solutions volume and transmittance coefficient of samples obtained on the doping levels have become the result of studying the optical properties of transparent conductive oxide. The transmittance is almost independent on the amount of substance sprayed onto the substrate. However, the transmittance is greatly influenced by the chemical composition of the films. The main electrical parameter affecting the TCO quality is conductivity or surface resistance. Surface resistance is measured by probe methods, the most accurate of which is the Van der Pauw method. Surface resistance consistently decreases with increasing solution volume, precursor concentration and impurity concentration.

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