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Bifurcation analysis in a singular Beddington-DeAngelis predator-prey model with two delays and nonlinear predator harvesting

Xin-You Meng Yu-Qian Wu

*Corresponding author: Xin-You Meng xymeng@lut.cn, mengxylut@163.com


In this paper, a differential algebraic predator-prey model including two delays, Beddington-DeAngelis functional response and nonlinear predator harvesting is proposed. Without considering time delay, the existence of singularity induced bifurcation is analyzed by regarding economic interest as bifurcation parameter. In order to remove singularity induced bifurcation and stabilize the proposed system, state feedback controllers are designed in the case of zero and positive economic interest respectively. By the corresponding characteristic transcendental equation, the local stability of interior equilibrium and existence of Hopf bifurcation are discussed in the different case of two delays. By using normal form theory and center manifold theorem, properties of Hopf bifurcation are investigated. Numerical simulations are given to demonstrate our theoretical results.

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