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Identification of hormone binding proteins based on machine learning methods

Jiu-Xin Tan Shi-Hao Li Zi-Mei Zhang Cui-Xia Chen Wei Chen Hua Tang Hao Lin

*Corresponding author: Wei Chen chenweiimu@gmail.com


The soluble carrier hormone binding protein (HBP) plays an important role in the growth of human and other animals. HBP can also selectively and non-covalently interact with hormone. Therefore, accurate identification of HBP is an important prerequisite for understanding its biological functions and molecular mechanisms. Since experimental methods are still labor intensive and cost ineffective to identify HBP, it’s necessary to develop computational methods to accurately and efficiently identify HBP. In this paper, a machine learning-based method was proposed to identify HBP, in which the samples were encoded by using the optimal tripeptide composition obtained based on the binomial distribution method. In the 5-fold cross-validation test, the proposed method yielded an overall accuracy of 97.15%. For the convenience of scientific community, a user-friendly webserver called HBPred2.0 was built, which could be freely accessed at http://lin-group.cn/server/HBPred2.0/.

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