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Optimization on dry sliding wear behavior of yellow brass using face centered composite design

Subbarayan Sivasankaran

*Corresponding author: Subbarayan Sivasankaran sivasankarangs1979@gmail.com, sivasankaran@qec.edu.sa, s.udayar@qu.edu.sa


The proposed research has investigated the dry sliding wear behavior at ambient temperature atmosphere on yellow brass intended for locks, gears, bearings, ammunition casings, and valves. The experiments were conducted based on the central composite design. The wear experiments were performed using the pin-on-disc tribometer by varying the applied load, the sliding velocity, and the sliding distance. The obtained wear results were examined using the multiple regression non-linear model and then the results were validated by performing the confirmation test. It was found that the predicted wear based on the developed regression model was well correlated with the confirmation results. Further, the detailed microstructures of as-received and worn surfaces were examined and reported. In addition, the plotted surface graphs between the input independent parameters and the responses showed that the wear rate started to vary linearly with the function of load whereas it was varied non-linearly with the function of the sliding velocity and the sliding distance.

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