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Performance of two different constitutive models and microstructural evolution of GH4169 superalloy

Xiawei Yang Wenya Li Yaxin Xu Xiurong Dong Kaiwei Hu Yangfan Zou

*Corresponding author: Xiawei Yang yangxiawei@nwpu.edu.cn


The hot compression tests of GH4169 superalloy were performed in the deformation temperature range of 970 to 1150 ℃ and at the strain rate range of 0.001 to 10 s−1. The flow stress is dependent on temperature and strain rate. The flow stresses were respectively predicted by Arrhenius-type and artificial neural network (ANN) models, and the predicted flow stresses were compared with the experimental data. A processing map can be obtained using the dynamic material models (DMM). A three-dimensional (3D) FEM model was established to simulate the hot compression process of GH4169 superalloy. Investigation of the microstructure of the deformed specimen was carried out using theoretical analysis, experimental research and FEM simulation. And the FEM model of compression tests were verified by experimental data.

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