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Mathematical modeling the dynamics of Clonorchiasis in Guangzhou City of China

Ruixia Yuan Shujing Gao Jicai Huang Xinan Zhang

*Corresponding author: Xinan Zhang zhangxinan@hotmail.com, hjc@mail.ccnu.edu.cn


In this paper, we have set up a mathematical model on the basic life cycle of clonorchiasis to fit the data of human clonorchiasis infection ratios of Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province in China from 2006-2012. By this model, we have proved that the condition of the basic reproductive number $R_0>1$ or $R_0<1$ corresponds the globally asymptotically stable of the endemic equilibrium or the disease-free equilibrium, respectively. The basic reproductive number is estimated as $1.41$ with those optimal parameters. Some efficient strategies to control clonorchiasis are provided by numerical analysis of the mathematical model.

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